5 Reasons for Cannabis Pre Rolls Surge in Popularity

Cannabis Pre Rolls

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As cannabis has become more acceptable legally and socially, more people are starting to try the supplement. Whether it’s to help with chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, or for pure recreation, cannabis use is taking off in the United States. Currently, recreational cannabis use is legal in 21 states, and up to 88% of U.S. adults want to make cannabis use legal throughout the country.

This expansion in acceptance has created a surge in the over $13 billion cannabis industry in the U.S. A significant part of that industry growth is due to the surging popularity of pre roll cannabis joints. In 2022 alone, consumers spent more than $725 million on pre rolls in the U.S. and Canada.

Types of Pre Rolls

One reason pre-rolls have become so popular is their variety. As the cannabis industry has grown, pre rolls have grown, too. Some of the most common types include:

  • Indica: These are pre rolls that contain Indica cannabis. This type is used to calm the mind and body, producing a more “chill” high than sativa cannabis.
  • Sativa: Sativa pre rolls contain sativa cannabis, which produces a more energetic high. People prefer sativa when they’re looking to get focused and awake.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid pre roll can do the trick for those looking to feel calm yet focused. Hybrids are a mix of sativa and indica, but the types of hybrids can vary depending on how much of each type is used.
  • Infused: Infused pre rolls are increasing in popularity and helping drive the rise in pre rolls overall. These pre rolls have some type of extract or concentrate mixed in with the cannabis flower used in the joint. Adding these extracts or concentrates can increase potency and add more flavor, making them a popular choice.

Source: pixabay.com

Why Are Pre Rolls So Popular?

The pre roll market share has more than doubled from 2018 to 2022, moving it to its own sector within the cannabis flower industry. Why the surge in pre roll popularity? There are a few reasons behind these conveniently packaged products’ rise.

1.) Ease of use

Pre roll joints are easy to consume, especially for those new to smoking cannabis. Pre rolls eliminate the need to learn how to roll a joint and the time to do so. They’re convenient for an on-the-go light-up or to share with others.

2.) Branding

For cannabis retailers, pre rolls are an excellent branding opportunity. Their popularity makes them a guaranteed sell, so adding a logo or slogan to the wrapper is a great marketing move.

3.) Choice

Beyond the sativa, indica, and hybrid options, there are also options for different wrappers, sizes, and infusions with each pre roll. This variety of choice means pre rolled cones can be customized for individual tastes and needs.

4.) Consistency

Although there are a lot of different pre roll options, each type offers a consistency not found with loose flowers or blunts. Since pre roll cones are a consistent size, consumers know they’re getting a standard concentration. Plus, their packaging provides a high level of freshness, keeping flavors more robust and predictable.

5.) Price

Pre rolls are a cost-effective choice for both sellers and consumers alike. With packs sold in quantities as small as two or five, it’s a great deal for those who want to try out cannabis or sample a new strain. Sellers find pre rolls economical because they can be produced at a low cost and are so popular they’re almost guaranteed to sell.

Add Pre Rolls to Your Roster and Watch for What’s Next

Whether you’re selling or buying, pre roll cannabis cones are a great addition to your rotation. They’re the latest in the industry’s innovation and a convenient way to smoke on the go, grow your brand, and test out new flavors. Get yourself to a smoke shop to try out pre rolls today, and keep your eye out for what the industry has cooking up next. With billions of dollars made each year, we can expect big things from cannabis in the U.S.

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