Meet Delta-8: The Health Benefits of Cannabis Without the Side Effects

Health Benefits of Cannabis


The health benefits of cannabis have been a blessing for the medical industry, offering an alternative and more natural form of care for commonly occurring symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and stress. 

Although the traditional form of administering cannabis is usually through inhalation, there has been an uptick in alternative avenues for consumption such as edibles, tinctures, and topical creams.

But many people don’t realize that cannabis has more variety than just the form it comes in. When most people think of cannabis, they think of Delta-9 THC. Yet an isomer of Delta-9, known as Delta-8, offers some exciting benefits. 

Delta-8 THC has milder impacts on the body. While some users of Delta-9 report sensations of paranoia, anxiety, and worry, these psychological side effects are extremely rare with Delta-8.

What is Delta-8?

THC and CBD are two well-known cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is a popular form of availing the health benefits of cannabis. Although THC usually refers to Delta-9 THC, there also exists another variant of it called Delta-8. 

Chemically speaking, Delta-8 has a different molecular structure than its cousin Delta-9 even though they’re both forms of THC. The result is that Delta-8 is less potent than Delta-9. For many users, that’s a good thing. Delta-8 provides some relief from pain or insomnia without the loss of control often associated with being “high.”

In fact, it has been described as offering the best of both worlds, providing a buzz of energy without stripping you of a clear-headed temperament. This also makes Delta-8 a beginner-friendly variant for those consuming cannabis for the first time. Users of other herbal pain remedies such as kratom will likely find Delta-8 to be a milder, more manageable solution with fewer negative side effects.

Common Concerns Delta-8 Can Address

The benefits of Delta-8 include health-related advantages as well as what some users have described as a slight boost in social situations. 

Consuming Delta-8 may offer a less intense high than Delta-9 THC, reducing the potential for feeling unfavorable side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and haziness. But this doesn’t detract from the feeling of euphoria and a “floaty” sensation for some. 

Here are a few potential cases where the use of Delta-8 may be beneficial.



Those struggling with insomnia or wakefulness at night have often used cannabis to induce rest. However, sensations of paranoia or anxiety that occur as a side effect could overpower any potential physiological benefits of cannabis use, leaving you back at square one. This is why Delta-8 offers a much safer and more reliable way to relax and combat restless tendencies before bed.


Among the effects of Delta-8, an increase in appetite appears to be a popular aspect that’s been reported by users. While this may not be an intense or overpowering bout of munchies, it’s certainly a great way to stimulate your appetite and get some nutrition.


While getting high might help to achieve a zen state of focus, it can turn out to be counterproductive if you get overwhelmed by haziness or paranoia, or sink into deeper worry. As a milder variant of THC, Delta-8 can offer the benefits of a smoother workflow without the less pleasant sensations of paranoia. In light of this, Delta-8 appears to be a popular choice for sparking productivity and refreshing your focus when too many distractions have broken your workflow.


Most users of cannabis discuss feeling a lack of inhibition which helps them to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas. But this can turn into an unideal situation if paranoia takes over instead, forcing you to overthink or get stuck on minute details. This makes Delta-8 a safer alternative that offers the benefits of a relaxed high that still stimulates creativity. 

Social Situations

If you tend to overthink and overanalyze conversations or freeze up in social settings, cannabis could help take the edge off and allow you to open up to others. But it can be embarrassing to slip up and lose control of what you’re saying because of a too-strong high. Luckily, this problem is less likely to occur with Delta-8 THC as users of this variant mention a less intense high that allows you to remain in control while still relaxing to a reasonable degree.

Growing Acceptance Towards Cannabis

These days, cannabis is consumed for various reasons, medical and otherwise. While there are many ways to cope with stress and anxiety in our daily lives, the benefits of cannabis reach beyond that, to potentially offer mental and physiological wellness as well. 

What was once a stigmatized and sometimes frowned upon practice, has now gained more social acceptance after being familiarized by stars, celebrities, and public figures who have openly talked about the health benefits of cannabis. 

Owing to its popularity as a natural avenue of treatment, there are plenty of acceptable and discreet ways of consuming cannabis available to users now. These include vapes, edibles such as gummies, as well as delta flower jars and pre-rolls.

Apart from its medically viable effects, the consumption of some strains of cannabis has also been claimed to improve productivity, creativity, as well as confidence in social settings. Many users also describe soothing sensations of relaxation after getting high, some saying they feel clear-headed and mellow.

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Although these widely acclaimed benefits have contributed to the growth in acceptance of cannabis-related products and treatments, there are still some side effects that users of cannabis experience. In light of this, Delta-8 has taken the medical industry by storm, owing to its many health benefits without the undesirable side effects that usually accompany Delta-9. 

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, the way we choose to treat our symptoms and manage our needs is a personal decision for everyone. But the use of Delta-8 allows access to the range of health benefits that cannabis has to offer, without the possible side effects that occur with its stronger cousin, the Delta-9 variant.

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