How To Get A Bud Trimming Job

Bud Trimming Job

Farmers and growers produced over 2200 metric tons of hemp in 2021. Handling this material, processing it, and marketing it has created thousands of jobs in the US.

Bud trimming jobs are a good way to get into the hemp industry, and learning how to become a bud trimmer is not difficult. 

Hemp Industry Careers

According to Leafly, legalized flowers supported more than 243,000 full-time jobs in the United States in 2020. It is an expanding job sector with many occupations available.

People are needed to work on the farm, in the clone room, kitchen, and many other places. Some are needed in support services like packaging, shipping, and order fulfillment. Harvesters and bud trimmers work with the flower itself.

Finding a bud trimming job in the hemp sector isn’t any different than finding a job elsewhere. If you’re wondering how to become a bud trimmer, start by looking in the usual places. Word of mouth is the best way to find this type of job. Online job postings are the next best. 

Bud trimming jobs are entry-level positions in most companies. Bud trimmers are often responsible for a variety of tasks when not clipping flowers. Exact duties depend on the operation. 

The best bud trimmers have a passion for their work. A job history that includes gardening, tending plants, or working on a farm is good. Understanding art and photography can also be a plus in your favor. 

Weighing trimmed flower


How Much Do Bud Trimmers Make?

Compensation is strictly up to your employer. Some bud trimmers may work as independent contractors who are paid by the pound. Some employers may offer hourly or salary positions of up to $25 an hour, making a top-end of around $48K/year. 

Bud trimmer jobs may be seasonal, with peak demand at the end of the growing season in October or November. 

Check Your Area

Since bud is not yet legal in every state, your chances of finding a bud trimming job in some areas might be sharply limited. You may have to move to a different state to pursue this career. 

Industrial greenhouse


Employment Requirements

Along with being 21 years old, most hemp farms and processing centers will have a standard list of requirements that all job applicants must meet or exceed. These requirements include all of the common-sense things you expect, like punctuality, ability to communicate, and attention to detail. Being able to follow instructions is one of the biggest requirements for any job in this field. 

Bud trimming can be physically punishing on the hands and arms. You may need to stand for long periods of time, though standing is not strictly a requirement for bud trimming jobs. 

Bud Trimmer Duties

This job often takes place in a warehouse-like environment. Since it’s an entry-level position, learning how to be a bud trimmer will often net you some other skills, depending on the employer. The more you bring to the table with experience and a positive attitude, the more you can get out of this type of job.

In general, bud trimmer duties include the following:

  • Weighing flower. 
  • Performing accurate trimming.
  • Collecting trim.
  • Being able to identify the presence of bugs or disease.
  • Keeping a clean and organized work area.
  • Packaging products using accepted standards.

Other duties may be required, depending on the employer. 

A single trimmed flower


Special Skills

As you learn how to be a bud trimmer, you may be tasked with making the flower look “pretty.” 

Successful bladeless bud trimmers must have a good sense of aesthetics. Bringing out the beauty of the bud, and allowing it to show its true colors, is a vital skill that comes with experience. You have to be an expert at this when you’re preparing flower for photography. Having a good eye for bringing out the natural beauty and shape of a stunning flower may go a long way in keeping you employed. 

Perfect For Some, Not For All

Aside from having to stand or sit for long periods of time, a bud trimming job is not particularly physical. You’ll be using your hands constantly, one for holding the bud and turning it, and the other for the trim scissors. But once your arms and hands get used to this strain your main issue might be tedium.

Bud trimming jobs can be boring. That’s why having a passion for the industry can help. After you learn how to become a bud trimmer, you could move on to another position, of course. With the legal flower sector booming, there’s sure to be no lack of future opportunities in this field.

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