Best Mobile App Security Practices for Developers

Mobile App Security Practices for Developers

Mobile app security is not just a benefit or a feature- it has become a necessity. A single breach can cost you millions along with loss of trust. Hence, security must be your priority from the time you begin writing your code.

Enterprise apps exchange sensitive information that cybercriminals are on the lookout for constantly. With such information at stake, every mobile app developer should do whatever they can to safeguard their clients and users. Below is the top ways mobile application developers India can create secure apps:

Write Secure Codes

Vulnerabilities and bugs in codes are where most attackers begin breaking into an app. They try to temper with the code and reverse engineer it and they just need the app’s public copy for it. So, from the first day, you should harden the code so that it is not only tough but impossible to break. Use code signing and code hardening.

Always Use Authorized APIs

APIs that are not authorized and coded loosely can unintentionally give hackers the privilege that can be gravely misused. Caching authorization information, for example, can help programmers reuse the information while making API calls. It also makes the life of coders simpler by making it simple to leverage the APIs. But it also grants attackers loopholes through which they hijack privileges. So, it is suggested to authorize the APIS centrally for utmost security.

Encrypt All Data

All data exchanged over the app should be encrypted. Encryption tends to be the method of scrambling simple text until it’s an unclear alphabet soup without any meaning except the ones one possesses the keys. So, even if the data gets stolen, the criminals cannot read anything and misuse any information.

Use The Least Privilege Principle

The least privilege principle commands that codes should run with permission it needs only. The app should not request for more privileges than those required minimally for it to work. Do not make needless network connections. If you do not require access to the contacts of the users, do not ask for it. This list will go on and will depend largely on your app’s specifics. Therefore, perform regular threat monitoring while you update the code.

Be Extra Careful with Libraries

While using 3rd party libraries, you should be extra cautious and thoroughly test the code before using it in the app. As helpful as they generally are, a few libraries can be quite insecure for the app. Developers should exercise policy controls and use a controlled internal library during acquisition to safeguard their applications from any bugs and vulnerabilities in the libraries.

Utilize High-Level Authentication

It is a fact that most security breaches occur because of weak authentication. So, it has become more important to utilize stronger authentication. Authentication is in the form of passwords or similar personal identifiers that work as a barrier to entry. Most of it depends on your application end users. However, being a developer, you may encourage your users to always be more thoughtful towards authentication. Design your applications to not just accept solid alphanumeric passwords that should be renewed every 3-6 months.

Deploy Right Session Handling

A session on a mobile last longer than a desktop. It makes session handling more difficult for the server. Make use of tokens rather than device identifiers for identifying a session. This makes them safer in case of stolen or lost devices. Allow remote data wiping from a stolen/lost device and allow remote log-off as well.

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Deploy A Tamper-Detection Technology

There are specific techniques that set off an alert when somebody attempts to tamper with the code or insert malicious code. Mobile application developers India can deploy tamper detection to ensure that the codes don’t work if modified. Security has become a larger differentiator in an app’s success than aesthetic appeal and usability. I hope that the above guidelines help keep your app’s security tight and keep your users and clients happy. If you are a business looking to create a secure mobile app, hire mobile app developers NYC from Rushkar Technologies, as they have the skills and expertise to handle all types of security aspects while creating an app.

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