5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Buddha Statue

Buying a Buddha statue

When we think of Lord Buddha, we come across a face that is full of peace, contentment, and happiness. If you are considering buying a Buddha statue then it is oblivious that you want to feel the same serenity that Lord Buddha has on his face. Another place where we feel the need to feel to be at ease is our home. When we think of home we think of a place where we can relax and feel at peace. Adding a Buddha statue is a great way of making sure that it is always peaceful at our abode.

When we are looking to buy or get a Buddha statue and go to the market. Then only we realise that there are many types of Buddha statues available in the market so how will we get to know which one is the best suited to your requirements? As there are many Buddha Statues with different types of expressions, stances, postures, materials, and other things which contribute to the enormous amount of Buddha statues. In this article, we will be discussing all the things that we need to consider before buying any kind of Buddha Statue for our home or area. 

5 Things to remember before buying buddha statue

As Buddhism is popular these days we have been witnessing the large number of Buddha statues that have flooded the market. We can find the statues which differ with the angle of hand, colour, in which position their body is, if they are holding something or not. These statues could have different styles as compared to the traditional one. The art style of a statue is also considered an important aspect to talk about.

After looking at all the possibilities we have listed six things that should be considered before buying a buddha statue which are written down below : 

Now one by one we will talk about each of them so that you can choose which one will suit you for your needs.

Type of Buddha

Before buying a buddha statue you should know that there is more than one type of buddha in the world. Usually when we talk about Buddha we come across a fat laughing man, a skinny monk, a monk with a bowl in his hand or a sleeping one. So which one is the buddha you may ask. But the thing is, almost all of them are Buddha. To understand this we need to know more about the word Buddha

Buddha is a sanskrit word which means the awakened or enlightened one. Any person who has attained enlightenment is considered buddha. Now that we have cleared the definition we can proceed to the different branches of buddhism and who invented it. 

The religion of buddhism is founded by Gautam Buddha or popularly known as Shakyamuni buddha. He is the OG buddha in buddhism. Now that buddhism is widespread in many countries, it has mingled with people’s beliefs and their culture due to which there are now three branches of buddhism namely Mahayana buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. 

Before buying make sure which type of buddha statue you need.

Made of which material

The Buddha statues can be seen in many different materials like wood, glass, crystal, gold, silver, stone, brass etc. you can get whatever buddha statue you like according to your needs but you should keep one thing in mind that whatever material you buy it should be of good quality as it will be the source of positively for your home so you should consider buying a good quality of it. Like a Brass Buddha statue made of 100% brass. As it is a metal that can hold positive energy for a longer time period and is affordable as well.

Hand gestures

Lord buddha statue is seen with a lot of different hand gestures which are called Mudra in hindi language. Every hand gesture that the Brass Buddha statue has is of great significance. There are many types of  mudras that Buddha can be seen with. Some of the popular mudras are Dharmachakra mudra, Bhumisparsha mudra, Varada mudra, Dhyana mudra and Abhaya mudra. 

Reasons for buying 

One of the most important questions to ask yourself before buying the brass buddha statue is why am I buying this. As the different types of buddha statues will have different vibrations and effects in one’s home.

For example, if you are surrounded by negative energy. If you believe that the place where you are living has a strong sense of negativity. Then you should consider buying a buddha statue whose positive vibrations are so strong that it drives away all kinds of negativity around you. If that is the reason then a meditating buddha is an excellent choice for that.

If you are having problems sleeping peacefully or that even if you try to sleep you get plagued with nightmares. Then you should try to opt for a brass buddha statue that will help to get rid of negative energy. Then a sleeping buddha statue is a great choice. As it is known to protect the people around it from all kinds of negativity.

If you are looking for a modern brass buddha statue then a buddha head is the best choice for you. 

 Where will you keep it?

This is another important thing to remember when we talk about the things to consider before buying a Buddha statue. The place where you will keep it is also important as if this is not properly sorted and the statue is placed at wrong places can pose a problem called vastu dosha. 

To avoid the problem of vaastu dosha you should keep a few things in mind. Like the direction in which you will keep your brass buddha statue. The buddha statues should always be placed in a brightly lit space. Make sure that you do not place the idol inside a closet or cupboard. Along with that one must make sure that the buddha statue is not placed directly on the floor as it is considered disrespectful to Lord Buddha. The statue must be at least 2 or more feet higher than the floor level. Do not keep the statue of Buddha in the toilet, bathroom or near the shoe rack. 

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