5 Benefits of Burning Sambrani Cups: Aromatherapy and Health Benefits

Sambrani Cups


The term ‘Sambrani’ was invented by Ayurveda because of the yellow resin. It is a gum-like substance that comes from the aromatic bark of the Sal tree. The sap gets extracted from the tree by making a sharp cut in the tree’s bark. This herbal resin is then collected and processed into a complex form of crystals called ‘Sambrani.’ It diffuses a pleasant fragrance when it gets burned.

The cup sambrani manufacturers focus on providing the best fragrance and medicinal benefits to the human body. It helps clean the breathing passages, improves focus and concentration, enhances mood, and more. 

Brands come with various versions of the ‘Sambrani Dhoop Cup.’ But it is our responsibility to choose which type benefits their overall health. Cheap-quality or duplicate versions of sambrani are available in the market all over. 

Why would preferring traditional sambrani will be an additional benefit? 

Even though using a computer or dhoop cup sambrani gives a mild fragrance, traditional charcoal-based sambrani has always stayed at the top of the market. They are made with charcoal and 100% other ingredients to provide benefits while inhaling them.

Choose the mild, aromatic and organic-based traditional sambrani to give a positive result for your needs. 

Let’s see the benefits of burning cup sambrani for health;

1. For Hair

A few years ago, women lit up sambrani and kept a straw basket above it after washing their hair. The steam will exceed out from the small holes of the straw basket. Keeping the wet hair near the basket will dry very soon and leave an exquisite fragrance in the hair. 

Using cup sambrani will not cause a headache during winter, especially if it has long, thick hair. So try to follow this tradition once in a while.

2. For Mosquitos 

Regularly lighting up sambrani and taking it to every room in the house helps prevent mosquitos. This was formed as a tradition to ward off mosquitoes and cleanse the whole place. 

A person who knows the art of Siddha medicines will suggest adding powder neem leaves and sambrani for home use. After crushing it like that, it is even more effective for finishing off mosquitoes.

3. For mood change

For mood change

Who doesn’t love the smell of sambrani?

People value using sambrani; it has a unique, beautiful fragrance formula different from standard incense sticks. The scent of sambrani transports back in time and fills with peace and happiness. 

Many Ayurveda practices suggest using sambrani, as it calms the nerves and produces tranquillity, thus preparing the person for prayers.

4. For babies

How will cup sambrani be used for babies?

Once the child gets bathed, light the sambrani and bring it into that room. It prevents them from catching a cold but ensures they do not carry the smoke near the babies. 

Moreover, it will make their delicate lungs more suffocated. No other auspicious day can run out without sambrani; it will always be lit during prayers and rituals.

5. For Spiritual

To enhance the mood while spiritually involving yourself, try lighting the cup sambrani in the house and meditating on it for a minute. It helps to boost the mood and makes you more indulgent in the purpose.

The fragrance from the sambrani hits your mind and makes it more calm and comfortable to perform your spiritual meditation. It also works as a room freshener to give that organic and aromatic smell. 

The Different Forms Of Sambrani;

1. Computer Sambrani

One of the exciting varieties of sambrani, but people got confused about its name, “Computer Sambrani”, but this type does not have the exact sambrani. It was an alternative to the traditional style to give out an authentic fragrance to fill the aroma on the whole.

The charcoal cubes were not precisely prepared; they were made with charcoal powder and a few other ingredients and sold in the shape of a cone or cylinder. This is not a 100% organic sambrani variety, which is why it has been named a “computer”; it is also prevalent in other types and has impacted the market. 

2. Sambrani Dhoop Cup

The most popular and accessible cup sambrani variety widely used in every house today is the sambrani dhoop cup, also known as Loban. 

The reason behind the invention of the sambrani dhoop is to overpower the complicatedness involved in the traditional method. 

When the charcoal blocks are heated till red hot, now replaced with charcoal cups, and the sambrani crystals will be placed inside the cup. It is an excellent method that was invented to give a twist to the old traditional way. 

3. Sambrani Powder

The solid sambrani crystals break into small crystal like structures, which can be used as in the above traditional method. 

However, while burning small pieces, sometimes it takes time to start the ignition, so to make it better, sambrani gums will be broken evenly and made into fine powder. Because of its powdered form, sambrani is widely obtainable in the market nowadays.

Points to remember:

★ It is the best antiseptic and disinfectant to draw the toxic bacteria that cause cough and cold.
★ They are anti-inflammatory
★ Burning cup sambrani  helps in relieving stress.

★ Healthy smoke from cup sambrani reduces respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

★ It accelerates healing wounds and ulcers and relieves eczema,     psoriasis, and rashes.

★ It promotes happy hormones and soothes sadness, grief, and anger.

★ Light up sambrani at least weekly once and fill the whole house with smoke. 

★ Once the sambrani packet is opened, store it in a air-tight container to avoid losing its aroma by not keeping it in a wide open space. 

★ Sambrani holders will be available everywhere; buy with a long handle; otherwise, holding them will be challenging.

★ Sambrani holders are mostly made of brass.

Note: The result will differ from one another and depends on the organic or inorganic form of cup sambrani. 


The history of sambrani goes beyond; it helps prevent many diseases and boosts the mind in and around you.

But there are two forms of sambrani available, either organic or artificial. If your preference is more likely to meet the organic criteria, obtain them. If you do not mind the benchmarks, try using a computer or dhoop cup variant of sambrani to lighten your mood. Asia match is one of the prominent cup sambrani manufacturers that focus on exporting quality range of cup sambrani at the market’s best price. 


1. How to choose the best manufacturer of cup sambrani?

There are many cup sambrani manufacturers available in the market, but it is essential to choose the best one. First, try placing your bulk order with the leading manufacturer of Asia Match.

2. What are the sambrani incense benefits?

Occasionally, take an oil bath, light up sambrani and dry your hair with sambrani smoke. It dries quickly, and its incense makes your hair more aromatic. 

3. Which country produces significant exports in the cup sambrani?

India is the leading country that exports cup sambrani the most; it ships more sambrani to other parts with its excellent fragrance.

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