What do you mean by smart packaging and its benefits for business?

smart packaging

Innovation is not just a word, for many it is what they try to achieve in their life. When we look up the synonyms of innovation. We will find the change, revolution, a new idea, a new method. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the innovation? The answer is technology. 

Technology, without any doubt, has made a deep impact on the whole human race. Technology has helped us to make significant changes in our day-to-day life. All the fields have immensely benefited from this. One of those fields is the packaging. 

The first cardboard box was made in the 1800s, only to ensure that our product is transported safely from one place to another. But in these modern times, where everything is getting smart with the help of the internet. It is only fair that the packaging industry upgrades its packaging game into smart packaging.

In this blog, we will talk about smart packaging and its benefits for businesses.  

What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging is a solution-based packaging technology which consists of keeping track of the changes and well as preventing unwanted changes from happening. 

What are the types of smart packaging?

In the above section, we have talked about what smart packaging is. In this section, we will tell you about the different types of smart packaging. There are three types of innovative packaging that we will talk about : 

Connected packaging

Connected packaging deals with the information side of the brand and product. The information could range from how the product is sourced and made, the process of its shipping, where the raw material is coming from, how will it reach the customer, and where is it. And many more things. 

If we think from the way of marketing then this connected marketing alone holds a lot of potential in building customer trust. Because when a customer knows where their product is sourced and how it is made. They tend it trust the brand more.

You can include this in your packaging as well by getting custom packaging tape with a QR code, barcode or your Instagram handle so that your customer and audience get to know about the ‘behind the scene’ process.

This will help the brand to get better engagement among your targeted crowd. 

Intelligent packing

As the name says this type specialises in observing the conditions of the products like the ph level, temperature, smell, and other things that can indicate the deteriorating conditions of the product inside. 

This type of packing works with the help of sensors that indicate the conditions of the product. It can show the time and level till the product will be good to use and when it should be used. It can help with increasing the customer efficiency with the product.

If used right then this type of packing has a lot of potential in many fields. This can bring a revolution in the packaging industry.

Active packaging 

Active packaging does what it is named for, it takes action according to the current condition of the products. As we have talked about intelligent packaging. It helps to indicate the condition of the product. And active packaging helps with taking action to stop the deteriorating conditions of a product. 

This is possible with cutting-edge technology which is still in its budding stage. We are talking about Nanotechnology which has a lot of potential in the field of packaging.

Nanotechnology can be used as an anti-microbial layering inside packaging that will inhibit the growth of microbes that can spoil food or other products. There are still debates and research going on about the safe usage of this kind of packaging. 

How is smart packaging beneficial for business?

In this section, we will talk about how smart packaging can benefit businesses. We will talk about the things that show some problems and how and in what way smart packaging can help us to tackle this problem. So without wasting any time, we are jumping into these opportunities. 

Real-time information

Many times sellers, manufacturers or suppliers become a target of delayed information. As small as it seems a delay in the information could result in counterfeit or fraud. This is pretty common in electronic or high-end products. 

When it comes to perishable items like exotic fruit that travels from border to border it will become important to know about the condition of the fruits in real time. But due to a lack of intelligent packaging, we are unable to get a hold of information which can be critical to keeping the product edible. 


Theft is something every company deals with. When we see the numbers approximately one billion pieces of packaging get stolen in a year alone. There are many instances in which people have stolen everything from packets of potato chips to the PS5. 

This is a serious problem from both ends. For a company that sends the product, made the product as well as for the customer who paid for it but it never reached them. 

We can use smart packaging to solve this problem. If we can use smart packaging to keep track of products all the time during transit. Then the percentage, as well as the chances of getting the products stolen, will get lower. 

Maintaining Quality  

There are many products that need high maintenance from the making till it reaches the customers. There are many factors that can change or spoil the products, things such as ph level, moisture content, exposure to sunlight, levels of heat or coldness, the intensity of shocks etc. 

In the present day, we cannot know the condition of the products in real-time which can affect the quality of the products. If the smart packaging technology improves and we get to use it in shipping and other things, we can save a lot of money as well as resources.

Better customer experience

Customer experience is a game changer when it comes to running a business. It is one of those things that can make or break the business. We can use smart packing to improve the customer experience. When people or customers feel valued, they tend to become loyal to a brand. 

The key to a good customer experience is engagement. With better customer engagement, higher are our chances for positive feedback. All these things directly or indirectly help to make a business successful.

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We are at the end of this article about smart packaging and its benefits for the business. We talked about smart packing and its types which are intelligent, connected and active packaging. Along with that we have talked about the difference ways that smart packaging will help and benefit businesses.

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