Most popular Mobile application in Australia

Most popular Mobile application in Australia

We can’t leave the house or even stay for a few seconds without touching our mobile phones, without a doubt. Every time we reach for our pockets in a desperate attempt to find them, our hearts race because we believe that we have lost them—whether they are alone, on a depressing table at home or at work, in the car seat, or even worse, lost altogether.

We download applications to our mobile phones that let us talk to family, work, stay informed, shop, check when the next bus is coming, find out if it will rain this weekend, and book a doctor’s appointment or a restaurant.

The play store and the app store are overflowing with more apps designed to make life easier and more comfortable for a variety of uses, including business, entertainment, social media, education, and games.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten most widely used mobile applications in Australia.

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Australian Post

Australian Post headquarters office Address: 111 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Letters between Australia and other nations are collected, processed, and distributed by Australian Post for the entire Australian community.

Your device must be able to function on the Optus Network because the AP Mobile service is provided by the Australian Post Corporation. With the Australian Post mobile app, you can control deliveries while they are in transit, receive notifications about deliveries, and track your parcels.

Australians can use the Australia Post app to pay their bills, track packages, and manage deliveries while on the go.

The app also makes it simple for Australians to locate street posting boxes and Australian Post offices, as well as their opening and delivery hours (including Sundays).


Moovit is a useful transportation app that you should have on your phone, no matter where you live in Australia—Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or another major city or town.

It combines all of the options for public transportation with real-time data so that you can quickly determine the most efficient route to your destination.

Moovit covers all major transportation networks, from the Sydney Metro to the Yarra Trams in Melbourne to the Transperth network. You will also get important notifications about delays and service disruptions, as well as customized, step-by-step directions.

You won’t have to worry about how long you’ll have to wait for the next part of our journey because live GPS data will keep you informed about when the next relevant service will arrive.


Menulog headquarters office Address:  615, Level 23 / 227 Elizabeth St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Menulog is one of Australia’s most well-known food delivery services. In recent years, their popularity has skyrocketed. The company, which was actually established in Sydney, Australia, currently connects millions of customers to over 30,000 restaurants and takeout establishments across the nation.

 So, if you’re craving a burger, pizza, Thai curry, or Greek barbecue, Menulog has you covered. You can order the food you want to be delivered to your door. You can browse various cuisine categories on the app itself, which is user-friendly.

You will also be given an estimated delivery time so that you can prepare the cutlery ahead of time.


Gmail headquarters office Address:  48 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Australians who want real-time notifications whenever they receive an email use the Gmail app. Google offers a free email service called Gmail. Worldwide, it had 2 billion active users.

Australians who want to receive email notifications as soon as they receive them use the Gmail app. Australians can set Gmail as their iOS device’s default email application using the Gmail app.

Additionally, the Gmail app provides video calling through Google Meet and integrations with Google Chat, Google Spaces, and Google Calendar.

App for Australian banking

When you’re getting used to your new life in Australia, opening a bank account can be very helpful. If the bank’s app is available, you should download it if you do it at all.

The best banks in Australia, including CommBank, ING, ANZ, and Westpac, offer a well-designed app that you can use at any time.

You’ll be able to quickly check your balance, make payments, and track what you’ve received with a banking app. To pay your bills, you can use tools to track and manage your spending, set goals, and more.

You can also set up recurring payments. Before opening an account, it’s a good idea to compare the apps from various banks because the specific services available will vary.


Facebook headquarters office Address:  L41, Tower/Two, 200 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Despite its decline in popularity, the Facebook app continues to be one of Australia’s most downloaded apps.

Facebook is now primarily used by Australians to follow and participate in niche groups, as well as to follow brand news and updates and those from local government agencies.

In Australia, the Facebook app is also popular for finding and following local events. Statista conducted a survey in Australia in 2021 and found that 85% of respondents ranked Messenger higher than WhatsApp as their most-used app.

Therefore, having Messenger installed on your phone is pretty much required if you want to fit in with the local community and keep in touch with new friends and acquaintances in Australia.

The good news is that it is a great app that lets you connect with Instagram friends through Messenger, makes messages disappear after they are read in the style of Snapchat, and also lets you use a variety of fun themes.


While you are working or studying in Australia, you may be required to support family members back home financially. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want a remittance route that’s affordable and simple to use.

All of these are met by Remitly. The Remitly app makes it easy to send money to friends or family with just a few taps, and the company is already used by over five million people worldwide.

You might be able to send the money directly to the bank account of your recipient or even have it delivered to their door, depending on where they live.

Remitly is a quick, cost-effective, and dependable alternative to banks and land-based businesses for making international bank transfers. It has a transparent fee structure, excellent exchange rates, and 24-hour fraud monitoring.

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