Minibus Or Coaches – The Best Option For School Trips

Minibus Or Coaches

We understand that classroom study is not the only part of good schooling. Students need to have a lot of new experiences to live a joyous life. There are numerous things to explore for students outside the schools. Furthermore, school trips are the favourite memory of every student. They learn, enjoy, and create multiple memories on an adventurous trip.

Simultaneously, it is a big responsibility for teachers and other staff members to organise a trip. They want their students to have fun but want to take all the security measures for the students. It becomes challenging to manage things, especially when it comes to travel.

Taking the students from school to the trip location is a significant task that needs to be appropriately organised. There are different options by which you can take students from one place to another, out of which the most popular ones are minibus hire and coach hire. But which option is the most suitable for your school trip? Let’s dive in and grab the information.

When should you prefer a Minibus Taxi?

A minibus taxi is best suited for small groups from 8 to 35. You can go on a minibus if you travel for a sports event or another event with fewer students. Here are some main reasons why minibus hire with a driver is the best option for school trips.


A minibus is a cost-effective option for private transport or coach travel. Personal vehicles will divide the group into smaller groups, which ruins the fun of travelling. At the same time, a coach hire will be an expensive option for fewer students.


A minibus taxi is a safer option to travel rather than travelling individually. The minibus drivers have experience driving to different routes and are licensed. Every transport company takes care of all the security measures required in a minibus, such as airbags, seat belts, etc.

Environment Friendly

When all the students are travelling together, they will have fun as well as they are protecting the environment also. The air pollution from different vehicles will be less as only one transport is running to transport all the students.

When should you opt for a coach hire with a driver?

Coaches are the best transport when travelling with 35 or more people. The coaches are suited for covering long distances. London coach hire with a driver is cosier and more relaxing than a minibus. Here are some points that you should consider while travelling on a coach.

Reclining seats

The coaches are more comfortable than a minibus as they have reclining seats. The students can bring their neck pillows to have more comfort. They can relax so they are not tired when they reach their destination and enjoy their trip to the fullest.

Toilet Facilities

As your destination is quite far, to give all the comfort to the students, coaches have the toiletry facilities also. However, due to less space, using these facilities only when necessary is suggested.

Enjoy the view

The upper part of the coach is fully covered with windows so that the passengers can enjoy the outer view while they are going to their destination. The students can enjoy hands-free, as there is ample storage space for all luggage.

How will you choose the right option?

Ultimately, deciding to hire a minibus taxi or coach for a school trip depends on various factors, such as:

Group size

The number of students going on a trip matters a lot as you can go on a minibus if there are a smaller number of students, while for larger groups, you need to hire a coach.

Trip Duration

Coaches are more comfortable than a minibus, so hiring a coach is a better option if you take the students on a long trip. Otherwise, students will not be able to enjoy the journey to the brimful.


Considering the budget of visiting a place is essential. A minibus is cost-efficient for travelling, while coaches require a high allocation to go on the trip.

Destination and Route

Consider the accessibility of your destination. A minibus might be more practical if you’re heading to a location with narrow roads or limited parking.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing between minibuses and coaches for school trips. Both minibuses and coaches have different advantages; it depends upon the necessities and demands of the school which transport service will be the best option. Travel Force provides the best services in London if you are looking for some transport services. They have experienced and professional drivers who provide excellent pick-and-drop services, and students will have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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