Gojek Clone: 101+ Different Services in Single App

Gojek Clone App

Launching an on-demand app will be very fruitful for anyone who wants to make it big in the industry! Why? Well, the future of on-demand apps is incredibly bright. People are always looking for solutions that make their lives easier. And, one such solution is the Gojek Clone app.

This app has made everyone’s lives easier. Be it a kid, adult, or elderly person. With its assortment of 101+ on-demand services, this app has placed itself in customers’ hearts and their smartphones!

Now, they no longer need to install different apps for booking a taxi ride, hiring home cleaners, sending parcels, ordering medicines, and more.

Here Are the Most Loved On-demand Services

People are rapidly adopting on-demand service apps because they offer the merit of one-click booking to customers.

Through this app, customers can access a huge assortment of services anytime and anywhere such as –

On-demand taxi booking

Customers can easily book on-demand taxi rides on the Gojek Clone app.It is here that customers can get Uber-like services in one click!

Well, they can book a normal taxi, rent a taxi, or carpool.

Also, to ensure the convenience of the customer, the app integrates multiple features –

  • Facemask Verification
  • Share ride details
  • SOS button
  • Real-time location tracking
  • OTP verification to begin the ride

On-demand parcel delivery

With this single app, your customers can also send parcels to local addresses.

To start with, all they need to do is select single delivery or multiple deliveries depending on their need. Now, they can choose the delivery vehicle they want, add the address, and include more information about the parcel they want to send.

Once they have added all the information on the Gojek Clone app, they can proceed with choosing the payment method!

As soon as the booking is done, the request is sent to the delivery drivers nearby who could quickly come, pick up the order, and deliver them!

Food delivery

Online food ordering is very common today! Anyone who wants to get a ready-made meal from their favorite restaurant can now order it online.

Now, they can enjoy it while sitting in their home or office. Also, if they want, they can customize the meal, add cooking instructions, and also record voice instructions for the delivery driver as well!

Furthermore, customers get the option to get contactless delivery or place a takeaway order too.

Service bidding

Your customers can also start getting bids for services in real-time on the Gojek Clone app.

To begin, all they need to do is post a task on the application with all the information like service category, budget, preferred date & time, etc.

As soon as the task is posted on the application, the request is sent to all the handymen (from the chosen category) available nearby the customer’s location.

Well, handymen can start bidding for the service and if the customer accepts your bid, negotiations can start!

Online video consultation

Your customers can now book an online video consultation with professionals like doctors, fitness coaches, lawyers, etc.

By sitting on their couch or office chair, customers can video chat with professionals and even pay online directly via a credit card.

Also, they can provide additional information about their Gojek Clone app on the app itself.

In Conclusion:

Are you ready to launch your own Gojek Clone app in the region? Do you want to become rich and successful?

If the answer to both these questions is a yes, then without further ado, get the app from white-labeling experts. Get the app re-branded with your own name & logo, and in just 1 – 2 weeks, you will be able to establish a fully-fledged business!

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