Father’s Day: What to Buy for Dad

Father's Day gift

Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world, but the reason is always the same, of course: to pay homage to this important male family figure, someone dedicated to his children and who can even be represented by other people, since there are different types of family. Here in Brazil, the date is celebrated on the second Sunday of August – that is, on the 8th of August this year!

My kind of dad

To give the ideal gift, first of all, it is important to put your affection and your good intentions. After that, it’s time to think about your dad: his personality, his likes, his hobbies and his needs.

There are the most traditional parents, the most relaxed, young parents, parents of the best age, parents who cook, adventurous parents, etc. To help you come up with ideas of what to give on this very special date, a good idea is to make a list with:

  • Activities he likes: reading, writing, painting, photography, dancing, traveling, playing sports, watching movies, cooking;
  • Profession: dentist, lawyer, entrepreneur, musician, teacher;
  • Style: traditional, casual, sporty, urban;
  • Colors and combinations you like to wear: neutral tones, vivid colours, prints, plain pieces;
  • Accessories that are missing from the wardrobe: watch, cap, bracelet, scarf, sunglasses;
  • Shoes that your father still doesn’t have: sneakers, espadrilles, sandals, sneakers;
  • Places he frequents most: beach, park, office, home office, ceremonies and social events;
  • Plans and wishes: travel, retirement, new ventures;

Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Now, you can start looking for the ideal gift for your dad. Here are some suggestions:

Plain shirt

Your dad probably already has several white and neutral-toned shirts to work with. So how about betting on a Plain shirt? For parents with a more formal style, opt for a more discreet pattern, such as Vichy; for those more laid-back, a Buffalo or Madras chess piece is worth it, which are larger and have more vivid colours.

Traditional or slim fit shirt

Modelling the shirt can be the differential of your gift! The traditional shirt undoubtedly pleases the parents of this style. The slim fit model, which is more fitted to the body, can be a good choice for modern parents, who like the model or don’t know it yet. You can opt for neutral colours if your dad is traditional, or a colourful or patterned shirt for the more casual dad.

Polo shirt

The Best Men’s Clothing is a good balance between casual and formal, making it a good choice for parents who work in flexible dress code environments or who like to eat lunch at restaurants or go to the park on weekends without losing their elegance. It matches with shorts, jeans and dress pants, in addition to plain and printed versions.

Jeans or chinos

Jeans are the wardrobe staple, as they go with practically everything, as long as the dress code is not formal. For more discreet parents, opt for neutral tones and darker, simpler washes. There are also chinos or twill pants, which are considered less casual than jeans and can be found in a multitude of colours – for young parents, how about betting on green pants, for example?


Choose a type of shoe that your dad doesn’t have yet and surprise him! A men’s aspartate or sandal are good choices for leisure time in the summer, while a boot is ideal for cool dads in colder climates.


Accessories can be a great way to help your dad express his personality. Whether through a watch or a briefcase for parents with a traditional style or necklaces and bracelets for modern ones, for example. There are several types of accessories and it’s easy to find one that pleases your type of father.


Notebooks, cell phones, smart watches, tablets, etc. There are many options on the market today. For the sports dad, there are physical activity monitoring bracelets, while for the dad who likes to relax with a good book, there are digital readers, for example.

Tools and equipment

For those parents who enjoy activities that require specific equipment, such as photography, climbing, arts or woodworking, look for products that can help your profession or hobby. A camera lens, assorted paints, tool kits, etc.

Books and movies

If your dad is an art lover, a good book or movie might be the ideal gift, and they can even be offered in digital formats and/or online.

Perfume and personal items

For the dad who doesn’t give up on always looking impeccable, some good ideas include: perfumes, shavers, lotions, kits and shaving products, etc.

Beers, wines, teas and coffees

Tasting kits, handcrafted productions and exclusive collections are some of the most recommended options for drink connoisseurs.

Watch Or Wallet

You can choose from stylish gift options for your dad like a watch or a wallet to update your closet to useful gifts for men like tools, which are always a good Father’s Day gift idea for those who are adept at style ” do it yourself” and those who venture into home repairs.

Buying a Father’s Day gift online is an easy and convenient way to buy the gift with fast delivery, money-back guarantee and free shipping options, as well as a good option if you have to give your father a gift from a distance.

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