Factors to Find the Best Workout Activewear Fabric for Yourself

Activewear Fabric

Today, fitness has become a trend and the number of fitness lovers is increasing day by day. Every one of them has different fitness or sports goals. But, the importance of the right workout gear cannot be ignored. Choose the fabric which stretches well and has breathability to have uninterrupted workout sessions. It would be wise to know the features of your fitness gear for getting the best fitness results.

Be it gym wear, sports jersey, or activewear the most common fabric for all these is spandex fabric which is found most suitable for fitness enthusiasts. It is widely used for its distinctive properties. This material prevents blisters and wicks the moisture.

Let’s discuss the features of the activewear:

Moisture Regulation

During a workout, one needs functional activewear which wicks the moisture outside of the activewear fabric. If your activewear does not wick the moisture out of the material, it will make the fabric heavy and increase the chances of cramps and blisters during the workout. When the garment has such quality, it will improve your fitness.


Your activewear should be strong and durable. Imagine a low-quality activewear fabric that tears off after a few workout sessions. The activewear fabric should have the quality to bear all the workouts. Strong activewear does not tear off and stretches with your body movements during a workout and supports you best. Hence, it is important to have strong activewear for the best workout results.


Uncomfortable garments can adversely impact your fitness performance. Think of a bra that is tight and digging during your workout. Also, your leggings should not be too loose or tight otherwise you will not be able to focus on your workout. For achieving your workout goals, you must have comfortable activewear for support during workout time.


During your fitness workout, you need to stretch a lot and if your activewear fabric is not able to stretch or break during a workout, it will tear off and will stop your workout. Spandex activewear fabric is found best as it can stretch 10 times more than its natural shape during a workout. So, select your fabric wisely.


Stretchable and comfortable activewear does not mean to be expensive. The best activewear is one that is affordable and can give the best results during your workout session. 

Air permeability 

If your fitness activewear does not have air permeability, It will lose the essence of being activewear. During your workout, you release sweat and you need better breathability. If your dress does not have easy air in and out features, it will not help you to absorb the sweat during a workout and your activewear will become heavy and will become a burden for you.

Stress and strain

If your activewear fabric is not able to keep airflow running from threads, it will result in strain and stress to your body. Workout is an intense activity and you need a light and comfortable feel during a workout. But if your activewear fabric is not right for you, you will end up with stress and may leave the workout halfway.

Easy care

If you are not using the right fabric activewear for your exercise, it will be difficult to care for your body during a workout. There are lots of activities we do during a workout like lifting weights, rope workouts, aerobics, and HIIT workout. The secret to your fitness activewear workout is the use of the right postures during the workout otherwise it can adversely affect you with back pain, neck pain, or any other kind of pain. Your activewear should also be easy to clean and wash to save time.


If your activewear fabric is not strong, it will tear off during your workout and can be the reason for some embarrassing moments. Your workout place has both men and women. Make sure that the fabric is of good quality and that is stretchability of fabric. For example, spandex fabric has 10 times more flexibility than its original shape. So, find a strong fabric and enjoy your workout.


Your activewear fabric durability also matters as if you keep on buying cheap quality fabric, it will not only disturb you but also waste your time for a workout. Activewear is not very costly and you can easily find a workout suit at the most affordable prices in the market. Also, if you buy fabric cloth and prepare it from a tailor, that would be fine.


Workout people go through intense body changes and make weight loss goals or muscle-building goals. If you buy tight activewear, it might not fit you later. So, buy one that will support you in the long run, and also you will save money on further buying.


Activewear fabric should have all the features of a quality fabric to avoid hassles and issues later. The most needed qualities are stretchable and strong to avoid tearing off and flexibility for your workout. You can buy your most loved activewear fabric at your local store and can tailor it as well. Have a happy workout!

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