Cruising the High Seas: How to Choose the Best Ship and Itinerary

Cruising the High Seas

Choosing the right cruise ship can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. There are many factors to consider—itinerary, ports of call, stateroom size and amenities, dining options, entertainment options—and so on. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the perfect ship for your needs by breaking down each aspect of choosing a cruise by category. You’ll be cruising in no time!

Choose the right ship for your preferences

The first thing to consider when choosing a cruise ship is whether it’s the right size for you. Some ships can hold thousands of passengers, while others are much smaller. If you want to be able to spend time exploring each port and making connections with other passengers, then a smaller ship may be better suited for your needs. On the other hand, if there’s something specific about one particular destination that interests you, such as an excursion or attraction, then choosing a larger ship will allow more people from around the world who share similar interests to join in on these activities with ease.

Once you’ve settled on what kind of vessel will work best for your itinerary preferences and travel companions (if applicable), ensure it has all the amenities needed during your vacation!

Choose a cruise line suited to your needs

If you’re a foodie, consider the cruise lines that have the best chefs and restaurants. If you want to spend some time in the sun, choose a line that has plenty of ports in warm weather destinations. If culture is your thing, look for itineraries with interesting places to visit, like museums or historical sites.

In addition to choosing a cruise line that suits your needs, it’s also important to consider what activities are offered onboard each ship so that you can decide if these offerings fit with what interests you most while travelling on vacation. Some ships offer more entertainment options than others. For example, some may feature live music performances while others may not offer any at all (or only have piano players). The type of activities available on board could make or break how much fun someone has during their vacation, so before booking anything else, such as flights/hotels/rental cars, etc., ask yourself: What kind of experience do I want?

Consider the extra costs of the ports you’ll visit

The ports you visit are an important part of your cruise experience. While each port offers something unique and fun, additional costs can add up quickly. For example, if you want to explore the city on foot or by public transportation, this might cost more than simply taking an excursion provided by the ship. Additionally, most excursions will cost extra money (and sometimes even require a minimum number of participants).

Our friends from Traveling Sapiens remind you not to forget about all these extra expenses when planning your trip!

Stay flexible with your dates and itinerary

When choosing a cruise, flexibility is key. Try another cruise line if you don’t find the perfect itinerary or ship. Try another if you can’t find the right itinerary on one ship. And if you can’t find an itinerary that works with your schedule and budget on any ship, perhaps it’s time to rethink your priorities and start over again!

Check out any special offers available

Checking the cruise lines’ websites is a great place to start. You can find some pretty good deals on there, and they’re often updated with new offers as they become available. Cruise lines also offer discounts through travel agents and magazines, so it’s worth calling around if you want something specific or want to know what’s on offer before booking online. Local travel agents are another option. If you live near one of these people, consider going in person instead of using their website. You may be able to get some extra perks from them that way! Finally, don’t forget about local newspapers (and TV stations) as well as radio stations. These folks sometimes have specials too!

Choosing the right ship can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Choosing the right ship can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! To ensure you choose a cruise line suited to your needs and preferences, consider these tips:

  • Choose a ship that suits your preferences. Are you looking for luxury? Adventure? Family-friendly amenities?
  • Consider the extra costs of ports visited on the itinerary. Some ports are more expensive than others due to taxes or other factors like fuel prices and exchange rates. If your budget is tight, look for cruises that visit less expensive ports (like those in Europe) instead of more costly ones (like Hawaii).


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing a cruise ship. The best way to do this is by researching different lines and itineraries that suit your needs. You should also consider the extra costs associated with each port of call before booking so that you don’t find yourself in over your head financially. Finally, don’t be afraid to change up your dates or itinerary if something better comes along!

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