What Does SMT Mean on Instagram?

SMT in Instagram


The acronym SMT is used on Instagram to describe a type of message. The word “SMT” itself is short for “Sending Me This,” but it can also mean “Send Me A Message” or even “Send me this photo.” In fact, there are many different definitions for the term SMT depending on who you ask!

If you’ve ever seen someone, use the acronym SMT in their bio description or comments section, here’s what they’re probably talking about:

SMT is an acronym.

SMT is an acronym for “sending me this.”

It’s also short for “sending me this” and the shortened version of “send this to me.”

SMT means “sending me this.”

SMT is an acronym for “sending me this,” short for sending me a link to whatever you want your friend to see.

Here are some examples:

  • If a friend posts a photo of their new dog and you think it’s cute, you can send them SMT with the dog picture. This will make them feel good, because they’ll know that someone cares about their dog enough to send them a picture of it.
  • If your friend didn’t get into college and took it hard, try sending them SMT with some photos of puppies or kittens (or both). It will cheer them up because everyone loves kittens and puppies!

SMT meaning you’re sending someone a message on Instagram with a link to something you want them to see.

SMT has two meanings:

  • It’s short for Sending me this, which is a way of sending someone an image on Instagram.
  • It’s also used to ask people to send you something, usually in the form of an image or link. For example, if you want someone else to see a photo of your dog and tell them that it’s funny and cute, you might say “SMT me.”

SMT is another way of asking someone to check out something on Instagram.

SMT is short for sending me this, a term people use when they want another person to click through to something on the internet. It’s an acronym that stands for “send me this,” but it can also be used as a standalone phrase.

This phrase is most often used with memes and content that someone thinks is funny or interesting. They’ll post the link in their caption. Along with SMT—and sometimes you might see more than one person do this at once!

SMT meaning is an internet slang term like “LOL” or “brb”.

SMT meaning is a shortened form of “sending me this.” It’s used as an acronym to mean something, and it usually signifies the beginning of a conversation on social media. For example, if someone posts a video that you want to share, you can respond with SMT. SMT meaning is not only an easy way to communicate with your friends. But also lets them know what they can expect in terms of content in future responses.

SMT meaning is short for sending me this. A term people use when they want another person to click through to something on the internet. It’s mostly used on Instagram and Snapchat. But it can also be used in other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

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For example, if someone posts a picture of an adorable dog and writes “SMT” under the caption. That means they’re asking you to check out that cute photo because it’s worth your attention. If you love dogs as much as we hope you do (and why wouldn’t you?). Then by all means: go ahead and send them some love by liking/commenting/etc. But be sure not to read too much into SMT messages!


That’s all there is to it. SMT doesn’t have a specific meaning, so you can use it in any context you want. Except maybe when texting your grandma or in an academic essay. The most important thing is that everyone understands what you mean when using this slang term. And if they don’t? Well, then just send them a text message with a link instead!

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