Unraveling the Life of Elon Musk’s Youngest Son – Kai Musk Net Worth

Kai Musk Net Worth

Kai Musk is one of the prominent sons of the top leading billionaire businessmen, Elon Musk. Kai is the triplet son and his current age is 17 years. Kai has got astonishing fame because of his father. There is no doubt in it that being a son of the royal father, he is able to live a glamorous and opulent life.

Kai took birth in 2006 in United States of Amercia. He possess two citizenships as his father is a national of both Amercia and South Africa, and his mother comes from Canda. Kai received special treatment within his family and has been always supported in every aspect of his life by the family members.

Kai’s schooling is also a remarkable trend which is popular to a large extent today. His father was of the opinion that conventional restrictions are prevalent, which could not emphasize the true essence of education in general. So, he created an online school for Kai, known as Astra Nova school.

The objective of this school is to cater high-quality education related to the constantly changing faces of society and making the child a true asset to the nation.

Furthermore, in this blog we shall talk about the Net worth, age, height, weight, and other significant personality traits of Kai Musk in detail.

Net Worth

As we talked above that Kai is of 17 years old, so he does not has any net worth. He completely depends on his parents for his upbringing. Hence, he does not have any source of income now. 

Family Background

Father- Elon Musk

Mother- Justine Musk

His father Elon Musk is a top industrialist and comes in the list of the most wealthiest people of the world. Elon Musk has attained the net worth of a Centibillionaire.

He is the Chief Executive Officer, pioneer, private investor, and product designer of Tesla Incorporated.

He is the CEO and primary architect at SpaceX. He pioneered the Boring Company, and is the Co-initiator of neuralink and OpenArtificial Intelligence.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and Forbes’ real-time billionaires’ pointing, Kai’s father- Elon Musk is the richest person of the world. His father and uncle Kimbal co-systemized the domain software company’s business networking Zip2 in 1995.

In 1999, Compaq gave $307 for his initiating business. In the same year, his father co-initiated the digital financial organization X.com. In the year 2000, this combined with the adjacency to structure PayPal.  

Kai’s mother Justine Musk is a Candian writer, famous for her well-known masterpiece “BloodyAngel”. She is the first wife of Elon Musk. Justine holds a wide expertise in writing high-quality novels.

One of her famous works was Bloodangel, which was broadcasted in 2005. She has also written various blog posts related to the different segments of imagination, writing, and personality development on her domain- (justinemusk.com). Justine advocated Vivian’s shift and name variation.

Justine’s 2nd digital book, Uninvited, was released in 2007. Moreover, she published Lord of Bones, a sequential order to BloodAngel. She was the first one amongst their family members to use Pinterest for promoting productive content on a wide scale.  

It is grief-stricken that his father and mother got divorced on 13 September, 2008. They continued to live together happily for 9 years. 

Two Twin Brothers

  • Xavier Musk
  • Griffin Musk

Triplet Brothers

  • Saxon Musk
  • Damian Musk

After 10 weeks of birth, Kai’s brother Nevada Musk died of instant child death syndrome.

Grandparents and Big Grandparents


  • Errol Musk
  • Maye Musk

Big Grandparents

  • Walter Henry James Musk
  • Cora Amelia Robinson
  • Wyn Haldeman
  • Joshua Haldaman

A hidden fact check about Kai Musk

  • Chocolate is the favorite food of Kai.
  • He loves to play with pet animals.
  • He is very much obsessed with traveling.
  • His favorite hobby is to explore reading books.

Body Composition

  • Height- 5 feet 2 inches
  • Weight- Around 52 kg
  • Eyes color- Brown
  • Hair color- Dirty Blonde

Social Life and Online Media

Kai is on instagram with the username- @kai_musk. He has kept his instagram account private rather than having more than 1.7k followers.

Mainly, Kai remains inactive on his instagram account, but he has uploaded certain of his pictures with his siblings, parents, and pets.

He also follows certain famous personalities, like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Emma Chamberlain, and Ariana Grande.

His posts can be only visible to the people who are following him. He also has a twitter account with the username- @LilMusk.


As we talked above that Kai Musk is a son of an influential and wealthiest persons of the world, he has always got great opportunities and continue to attain a fresh perspective to flourish in a dynamic manner.

Furthermore, his upbringing is also unique from other children on a comprehensive scale. From his schooling to dressing, and eating to way of expressing have all been royal because of his father.

In addition, currently he is a teenager and does not have much social connections and external links to top brands. His present source of reliance being on his parents determines that in present he is not capable of handling his expenses.

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His hobbies and interests lie in exploring the magnificent stories of different books. Being in his teenage, he loves to perform various activities related to click photographs, writing poems, travelling with friends, uploading pictures on social networking sites, and learning different new things in day-to-day life.

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