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Action Camera Flashlight

Introduction to action camera flashlight:

An action camera flashlight allows you to dim the light and choose the colour temperature between 2500k, 5250k, and 8000k. This makes it ideal for night shots, low light situations and even for macro photography where you need the right light.

The action camera flashlight provides a continuous bright beam of light that is ideal for illuminating your surroundings when there is not enough natural light for recording high-quality videos. In addition, an action camera flashlight has an image sensor that converts visual light into electronic signals. These compact sensors capture high-resolution (up to 6K) video, which is stored on a memory card.

Action cameras are very different from DSLR cameras as they are more compact and even work well in low light. A camera flashlight is widely used for capturing distant objects, underwater videos, and shooting in the deep forest. There are various brands of an action camera flashlight such as Bzrqx, Visicube, TechKing, Mirroreye, Insta360, and others.

Some characteristics of an action camera flashlight are listed below:

  • Action camera flashlights is perfect for mountain climbing, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Also, this camera flashlight can be used for different sports events. 
  • Action camera flashlight is very easy to operate and easy to handle. 
  • It is best suited for a long day photoshoot. 
  • It is widely used for capturing expansive angle views. 
  • The users of the action camera flashlights will be able to enjoy 920*1080 video resolution.

Advantages of using action camera flashlight:

1. Lightweight:

The action camera flashlight is compact and lightweight and can be mounted anywhere while taking photos. Hence, it is easy to carry for outdoor photoshoots, and other events.

2. Compatibility:

The action camera flashlights fits all the other cameras, irrespective of their brand or type. Thus, this camera is highly compatible with all other types of cameras.

3. High battery life and less power consumption:

One of the main advantage of an action camera flashlights is that it has high battery life and it requires less power consumption. Hence, this camera is suitable for hiking, and other activities and sporting events.

4. Water resistant:

One must ensure that the flashlight is a waterproof action camera light if you plan to use it in damp conditions. The water resistant action camera flashlights allows the use of camera in activities such as swimming, sea surfing and others.

5. Lumens/Light settings:

Most action camera flashlights either shoot several light modes with various beam strengths, or the light may be automatically modified within a specific range. In addition, dimming the light enhances the flashlight’s battery life and lowers heat generation.

Top 5 models of action camera flashlight are as under:

1. 84 LED Dimmable Video Light from Suptig

The Suptig 84 LED video light is the best option if you need a camera light that is robust and bright. This action camera light generates high amount of light in its class due to its 84 LEDs. It also includes four light modes to handle diverse shooting situations. This camera flashlight is available in several colour filters such as orange, white, purple, and others.

Furthermore, you have the alternative of using it as a wide-angle light or with 5500K LEDs and it works with almost all the other action cameras. The body of this action camera flashlights is stainless steel, incredibly durable, and waterproof up to 164 feet.

2)  VL120 RGB Video Light from ULANZI

This action camera flashlight is compatible with Nikon DSLRs and GoPros. This camera has a 15-hour battery life (3100Ah battery). In addition, this camera offers 120 RGB colour lighting options and it also has a colour temperature range of 2500–9000K for photos. This action camera flashlights is lightweight, portable, and compact in size. Furthermore, both warm and cool colours can be seen in this action camera flashlights and you can completely alter the brightness to meet your needs.

3) G1s RGB Video Light

This vibrant RGB camera light from G1 will add colour and contrast to the photos. The 70 sets of RGB colour-led beads have a maximum intensity of 1500 lux, four modes, and 12 typical lighting scene effects. In addition, this camera flashlight has a revolving arm with a cold shoe that lets you concurrently attach any device with a hot shoe adaptor such as a camera microphone, making it suitable for recording.

4) LED video light, VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+

The 162 LEDs of the VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light allow for variable brightness (20%–100%; maximum of 1070 lumens, 1250 lux 1m), colour temperature (3300K–5600K), and it has a CRI of 95+. Additionally, the flashlight includes white, red, green, and blue filters that can be added or deducted as needed. The battery backup of this camera flashlight is up to 3 hours.

5)  Nitecore EA41

The EA41 action camera lamp is mainly shock and water-resistant. The flashlight uses three AA batteries and has high-low-micro and turbo modes to provide the brightest light. Strobe mode is also available for shooting bright streaks. This camera flashlight is considered to be one of the most powerful action camera flashlights as compared to other camera flashlights.


In conclusion, an action camera flashlight is a perfect tool for travellers, hunters, fishers, hikers, and others. One can use it at night to read the map or take a shot of some exciting object during the daytime. One can also use this action camera as a flashlight and everyday light source. In addition, the action camera flashlights allows you to jump right in and become part of the adventure to capture photos and videos in a way that the conventional cameras or smart phones cannot capture.

Nowadays, most action cameras can shoot at 4K resolution. They also have support for lower resolutions such as 720 pixels and others. The action camera flashlights is available at almost all the camera and accessories shops, malls, and other places. In addition, these camera flashlights can be purchased online through several e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

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