A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Automation in 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to marketing automation in 2023

Marketing automation guide businesses to save time, money and company resources. It allows marketers to take some tasks off their to-do lists and streamline their workflow. 

Marketing automation assures a lot of things- more leads, sales and conversions. All of that with less work.

 80% of the world’s top-performing companies use marketing automation technology. These companies have projected a 40% growth and a 25% increase in revenue.

If you are planning to implement marketing automation in your company, check this article to know how you can start your journey-

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the usage of software to automate a company’s marketing. The main purpose of marketing automation is to automate activities throughout the company’s inbound marketing channels. These include repetitive, essential tasks such as sending emails, social media and managing contact information.

In 2023, marketing automation involves machine learning, AI, and data analytics. It improves performance, workflows, productivity, customer engagement, repeat sales, and revenues.

The implementation of marketing automation does not make the marketer’s job irrelevant. It is not a replacement for you and your skill set. Automation helps to enhance the marketer’s existing capabilities. 

Reasons for Using Marketing Automation 

To see a healthy return on marketing investment, we need to use the right marketing automation platform and approach. 

Marketing automation guides the increase in sales productivity and reduction in marketing overhead overall. Companies using marketing automation to foster prospective leads see a 451% increase in qualified leads.

These are the following reasons why companies nowadays are using marketing automation.

  • Cross-departmental collaboration: Marketing automation guide communication between different business-related departments, such as sales, marketing and delivery etc. 

Marketing automation software offers sales enablement features that empower marketing teams to enhance their lead-nurturing efforts with targeted campaigns, content, and communications.

It gives you a richer, more detailed picture of your customer behaviour. Tracking user behaviour paths through your website marketing automation software can help the company’s marketing team with prospective customers. 

  • Save your resources cost and time:  Marketing Automation guides the whole marketing department to be more efficient. Companies can substantially reduce staffing costs and free up their employee’s time to work on much more strategic and vital projects. 

Working with an automation platform will make your marketing team’s task much easier. Social media posting, email campaigning, effective blog writing, or landing page creation can be done with the same software. 

  • Target audiences: A top-tier marketing automation tool can help your business find a target audience with pinpoint accuracy. These automation tools track real-time data or monitor user engagement and behaviours with minimal human input. 

These marketing automation softwares create a more targeted, personalised communication across channels at the times when specific audience segments are most likely to engage. The result is a consistently healthy return on investment and increased customer loyalty.

  • Branding consistency: Marketing teams spend the most time in manual data entry, instead of creating new leads for your businesses. Integration of marketing automation software will allow them to generate more leads. 

The relationship between the marketing and sales department has always been lopsided. It is no fault of theirs, it is the outdated system that needs to be updated. As long as marketing and sales teams work with separate tools and work towards different goals it is for sure that chaos will ensue. 

Marketing automation helps to improve lead quality, increasing revenue, lead assignment and follow-up. These improvements not only help the marketing department but also the sales team as well. 

Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps streamline marketing efforts and makes the marketing department more efficient.

These are the most important benefits of marketing automation-

  • Offers great return on investment: Marketing automation allows you to generate leads efficiently and effectively at every stage of the customer journey and drive more revenue and maximum ROI. The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website and generate more revenue for your company.
  • Reduces workload: One of the biggest benefits of marketing automation is that it removes a lot of manual work from the plates of your marketers. It helps the marketing team to focus on much more important and strategic work. 
  • Reduces stress: Reduction in workload leads to less stress. Marketing automation software helps marketers save a lot of time, leading to a much healthier work-life balance. They will stop feeling buried under to-do lists and focus on other priorities. 
  • Makes reporting easier: Marketing automation tools have built-in analytics and reporting systems. These help you to measure the campaigning activities and their success. Manually collecting and analysing this information would be very difficult and time-consuming. Having all this information in a digital format helps a lot in easing the work. 

Marketing Automation Tools 

There are many marketing automation software available in the market, Try out these top 6 marketing automation tools to help you create a much better marketing workflow- 

  • Marketo: Marketo is an Adobe Inc.-owned marketing automation software. It is primarily used for account-based marketing. Marketo helps in streamlining marketing campaigns such as Email marketing, lead nurturing and engagement etc.
  • ActiveCampaign: It offers a connection between all of your business channels. It analyses data from email marketing, social media, and your website. After that with the help of automation, it segments all the leads, personalizes messages and creates marketing campaigns accordingly. 
  • Hubspot: It is a customer relationship management software. Hubspot helps you set up an efficient marketing tool which has a little bit of personal touch. With the help of real-time customer data, Hubspot creates marketing campaigns that will allow you to break all the noise barriers.
  • Ortto: Ortto previously known as autopilot, helps businesses acquire and retain customers. It helps businesses communicate with their customers with targeted messages and automated repetitive actions. 
  • Get Response: The easy and accessible UI of Get Response helps you organise the workflow of the marketing team. The system responds to customer-specific needs, making the segmentation process smooth. 
  • Pardot: Pardot is a marketing automation tool that allows marketers to identify a business’s target audience that is most likely to convert to customers. It helps marketers to deliver personalised emails automatically to their prospective customers. 

Businesses have seen incredible growth in the past few years by incorporating marketing automation software in their system. Marketing automation software guide you to get incredible insights into lead generation, which lets you customize every strategy from SEO content writing services to sales pitches. Leading to a much better sales conversion rate. 

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