7 Reasons Why Kotlin Is Best for Android App Development

Kotlin for Android App Development

There was a time when Java was at the forefront of Android app development. Yes, whether someone wanted to make a payment app, a gaming app, or a social media application for the Android operating system, they were relying on Java programming language. 

But why? Because that was the most suitable high-level, class-based, and object-oriented computer language back then which was being used for Android application creation. But nowadays, it seems like it has been replaced by another programming language named “Kotlin”. 

Do you know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that Kotlin is simpler than Java, safer than Java, and most importantly, shorter than Java. Thus, if you also want to manufacture a mobile app using this particular computer language now, it is a good decision to hire Kotlin developers without a second thought. 

Still, looking for additional reasons to rely on Kotlin for your next Android app construction? Then, please dive deep into:

Key Kotlin Statistics You Must View Before You Hire Kotlin Developers

  1. Many development personnel around the world were encouraged to use Kotlin rather than Java just because Google started supporting it in 2017 in its Android Studio Integrated Development Environment. 
  2. Kotlin has been the preferred language of Google for Android app building since 2019.
  3. Based on a Developer Survey carried out by a renowned public Q&A platform on the cloud in 2021, Kotlin is the 8th most wanted language among all of its competitors. 

And if you are now drawn towards Kotlin after reading all the above statistics, you must not delay anymore to hire Kotlin developers for your subsequent smartphone software development. 

Top 7 Reasons Why Kotlin is Highly Appropriate for Android App Fabrication 

1. Safer than Java 

You might not be aware of this fact, but the truth is that Kotlin is more secure than Java, given that it experiences fewer problems and errors. And since the emergence of bugs in Kotlin is very less, it doesn’t require too much time to sort out those issues. 

Not just that! Kotlin also prevents the appearance of general programming errors, by design, which makes it a safer option than Java when it comes to coding. 

Resultantly, when you hire Kotlin developers to manufacture your mobile program, they will come across fewer system failures and application crashes during the application creation. And the best part? Well, Kotlin assists in drafting more stable and powerful codes for mobile app creation.   

2. Simpler than Java 

If you are already familiar with Java, you must be knowing well that Java has been around us for a long time. What’s more? Every time it releases a new update, it becomes tougher than before. 

Now we do not say that these updates, including various functionalities and add-ons, are not useful, but they make the language a bit tougher than before, making it extremely difficult to code. 

On the other side, Kotlin is a completely new language that comes with less complexity and fewer updates, making it easier to adopt for coding purposes. And the most interesting news? Well, it is also more concise than Java as it delivers the same solution with only some lines of code according to the agencies that allow to hire Kotlin developers.    

3. Enterprise-ready technology 

Do you know that Kotlin is a very mature technology that has been in the process of creation since 2011? Yes, it was developed keeping the ability to resolve specific problems in mind that previous technologies failed to fix. 

And this particular quality of Kotlin is highly suitable for enterprise applications, provided that it was designed for use in the enterprise domain only. The greatest news about Kotlin is that it has also been thoroughly tested by several app development agencies in a wide range of applications. 

Now as you know that Kotlin comes incorporated with Android Studio, it renders an outstanding Integrated Development Environment and tooling support from Google. And you will be surprised to know that this thing has accelerated the adoption of Kotlin in the Android ecosystem as per entities that allow clients to hire Kotlin developers for their projects.  

4. Compact code 

The next thing you must know is that the code written in older programming languages, such as Java can appear to be repetitive. What else? Java needs several lines of code to be written in a specific sequence in order to accomplish an app development goal. 

However, when it is compared to Kotlin, the latter is more concise because it needs only fewer lines of code to attain similar goals. Due to this, when you hire Kotlin developers, you will find them spending less time on writing standardized codes and more time on addressing some serious troubles in the app that will influence the success of the project overall.   

5. Code safety 

Long-standing languages like Java can be quite prone to errors. And just so you know, the NPE or NullPointerException in Java remains the root cause for most crashes in Android apps. 

What’s worse? Solving all these troubles and protecting them from occurring again and again is a time-consuming and expensive task for software developers. So, the solution? Well, they can tap Kotlin as this computer language steers clear of general errors like NullPointerExceptions. 

But how? You might want to know. Then, we must inform you that the Kotlin compiler runs a large number of checks so that the concerned app can fail fast and identified errors can be resolved immediately, resulting in higher code safety as per the POV of agencies that allow clientele to hire Kotlin developers.    

6. Robust support for functional programming

The main use of functional programming is that it lets the Android community solve wads of tasks effortlessly and continuously. Although this particular feature was added to Java 8, it doesn’t provide as much support as Kotlin for functional programming.  

7. No more Null-Pointer Exception

Have you noticed that it leads to a null argument exception when you rewrite an API and the runtime null shifts to a non-null API? Well, it happens because of a forced crash. Thus, it will pay off if you keep interacting with your team members when rewriting an API. This way you will be able to save a great amount of time easily. 

Now we hope you have learned all the relevant reasons to work with Kotlin, right? So, if that is the case, please hire Kotlin developers for your next development project without thinking too much. 

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