7 Fashion Tips for a Stylish Retirement Wardrobe

Retirement Wardrobe

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At one time, people who were retired were considered “old,” but that is no longer the case. If you retire in your 60s, that is no longer considered old, and one of the things you’ll likely want is a stylish wardrobe. If you’re used to being in the corporate world, it can even be difficult to go from suits and blazers to casual clothing, but “casual” doesn’t necessarily mean unattractive. That being said, before you rush out and buy your retirement wardrobe, there are a few things to consider first, and they can help you look great every time you leave home.

Here are some things to consider before you go to the mall after you retire:

1. What Will You Be Doing Now That You’re Retired?

You should think first of what you’ll be doing now that you’re retired. Do you plan to stay home and start enjoying your hobbies, or do you plan to be out of the house a lot doing volunteer work or taking classes? These things matter because if you’ll be at home most of the time, your wardrobe can be a lot more casual than people who are on-the-go constantly. Think about the things you’ll be doing before you buy any retirement outfits.

Source: unsplash.com

2. What is Your Budget Going to Be Like?

If you’ve got a retirement account or pension, you’re lucky because you can likely still shop where you shopped before you retired, at least some of the time. On the other hand, if you’re on a strict budget now that you’re no longer working, it means you won’t be shopping at the most-expensive stores in town. You’ll have to pay close attention to your budget and how much you spend on all of the outfits that you buy.

3. Where Will You Be Living Now?

If you’ve always lived up north and now you’ve decided to move to the Deep South, you’re going to need a change in your wardrobe because you’ll be going from long sleeves and jackets to skirts and t-shirts. Even if you haven’t moved yet, keep in mind where you’re planning on moving so you can buy clothing items that won’t be uncomfortable once you get there.

4. Don’t Confuse “Comfort” with “Frumpiness”

To be sure, just because panty hose and high heels are no longer a part of your daily life doesn’t mean you should be buying the cheapest, ugliest clothes out there. Comfortable and casual clothing can also be stylish and beautiful if you know where to look. In fact, many of today’s top-notch clothing manufacturers specialize in creating gorgeous clothes for women of all ages that are also comfy and considered casual, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

5. Always Have a Go-To Dressy Outfit in Your Closet

Even if you’re not planning on going out to fancy occasions on a regular basis, you should still have at least one dressy outfit in your closet. A nice skirt and blazer or a nice dress, along with a silk blouse or two and some nice shoes will be the perfect outfit in case you find yourself on the board of directors of a company and you have to attend meetings occasionally, or even if you find yourself dining at one of the nicest restaurants in town.

6. Keep in Mind That Accessories are Still Important

While it’s unlikely you’re going to be as dressed up as you were when you were working, don’t forget that accessories are important when you want your outfit to look nice. Keep your jewelry, scarves, and nice belts because they can make a casual outfit look dressier and a little nicer. Let’s face it, just because you’re heading out to a gardening club meeting instead of a corporate meeting doesn’t mean you can’t look nice and feel good about yourself.

7. Don’t Let Yourself Go

Simply put, you’ll feel better emotionally if you buy comfortable yet fashionable clothes, even if you don’t intend to spend a lot of time going places because you’d rather be at home crocheting or gardening. If you look like a mess just because you aren’t going anywhere, it will likely get to you after a while. Instead, keep your skincare and hygiene routines and dress like you care about yourself regardless of what you plan to do that day.

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