5 Best Steps To Choose Your Corporate Diary

corporate diary


A diary creates a beautiful bond with your inner self, mind, body and heart, so many choose to write a diary and connect themselves to the journey.

In this article, we will look into what a corporate diary is all about and the 5 best steps to choose your corporate diary.

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At Majestic Printers, we customise different diaries, planners and journals. One such is the corporate diary.  

What is a corporate diary?

A Corporate Diary is nothing but writing planned listings and noting the points to be executed.

Usually, corporate diaries are customised and given to regular clients and customers and used promotionally. 

Whenever a client or customer looks into the diary, it reminds your brand; thus, placing your achievements and offerings inside the diary is the most promotional way ever. 

Thus maintaining a corporate diary for professional use is one of the best ways. Now let us look into the requirements of maintaining a corporate diary in detail.  

Figure out the layout of your diary:

The first way to figure it out is through the layout process. Everyone has different tastes and personal preferences, and according to such preferences, one can customise the layout of their diary. 

When you select the layout of your diary, look for the hardback and softback of the diary that you will customise.

If you figure out a perfect layout that suits your need, you can start writing your diary as you wish. 

Choose your favourite design:

You can get design ideas from Pinterest, Instagram, and other online sites that can be customised per your interest. 

One can customise their favourite design using sticks, leaves, tooth sticks, brushes, and other elements.

Let your design be more simple and aesthetically pleasing so you can regularly take and choose writing. 

If you can’t customise independently, get help from diary manufacturers or journal manufacturers. 

Customise the colour:

The color code usually depends on the customer’s choice. Preferably it is good if you customise it yourself; there are different way son ecan customise the color of the diary. 

You can use dyed, leather or canvas paint to have a long-life-colored corporate diary. 

By making use of a damp cloth, you can remove the dirt that is present outside the diary cover. 

If you are using any paint, ensure to read the instructions that are mentioned and then use it accordingly. Once you apply the color outside the diary, ensure it is evenly applied at all corners. 

You can also combine various colors and make it look aesthetic. 

After applying it evenly, allow it to dye for 24 hours maximum, and then you can use it regularly. 

Customise the number of pages:   

The number of pages plays a vital role in the corporate diary. Some customise corporate diaries based on the following. 

For example, some customise for 60 days, some for 90 days and others for the whole year. 

This is because while customising fewer pages, they can carry it anywhere they wander.

After all, customising the number of pages is based on one’s convenience. 

Choose the niche: 

Choosing the niche that you require is a great task one has to decide. 

The theme you will choose must have a few following: identifying your interest, experimenting with different niches, gathering feedback, testing your ideas, figuring out your needs, etc.

To choose the correct niche, you must try different types of diaries and select the best one that suits your needs. 

Niche plays a vital role as they are likely connected with the psychological part of the brain, and selecting the right niche helps you to be consistent. 


These are the top 5 ways by which you can choose your corporate diary and customise it based on your needs and requirements. 

Not only the corporate diary helps you in writing, but it also helps you in promoting the brand more efficiently, and that is the main advantage of a corporate diary. 

If you are in need of a bulk customised corporate diary/ single corporate diary to promote your brand, then the corporate diary at Majestic Printers is the right choice. 

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