12 Best Flowers To Grow in Your Home Garden

12 Best Flowers

There are two kinds of people. One, who plants flowers as a hobby, to amplify the look of their garden with colours, fragrance and unique character. Second, who understands plants on a deeper level and plants flowers to help with mood, vibe and other medical conditions.

But remember, “Flowers deliver happiness every day.” Behind all of these thoughts, there are much deeper reasons why we should maintain flowers in our garden. They can act as pest controllers, fertilisers, weed controllers, to attract bees, to relieve stress and cover ground. Apart from benefiting our garden, they also benefit us in many ways. 

This guide will help you make your garden inclusive & diverse with flowers that are easy to grow & do wonders for any garden. So, are you ready?

Let’s take a look at the 12 best flowers you can grow in your home garden easily.

1. Impatiens


Impatiens flowers carry a symbolic meaning of motherly love. However, as the name suggests, impatiens represent impatience in some cultures. 

You can use impatiens either as border plants or bedding plants. You can even keep them as houseplants & plant them in containers for ornamental purposes. 

So if you want to bring colour to the distant corners of your garden, go for these shade-loving annuals. You can grow them anywhere.

2. Hibiscus or Gurhal 

Hibiscus or Gurhal 

We all know in traditional times, people use hibiscus preparations to treat diseases such as high blood pressure & liver problems. There are many shades of hibiscus, such as red, purple, yellow, powder pink, pink, white, orange, or blue. 

You know every part of the plant-(flowers, seeds, leaves & stems) is used for cosmetic, culinary & medical preparations—a must-have plant for any Indian garden.

3. Rose


Oh rose! Everyone is in love with roses. Flowers are not only flowers; they are a feast for the eyes. Roses are the masterpiece of all flowers as it emits beautiful positive feelings. It is considered the symbol of love & no garden could be complete without beautiful roses. Sweet of smell, these delicate beauties are tougher than you believe them to be.

No soil restriction exists for roses, so it is known as a quickly-grown plant. It occupies less space, so every home is interested in having a rose plant. That’s how roses become part of families. So let’s jump on the next flower you should have in your garden.

4. Marigold


The most commonly used flower in India, the marigold, is close to our hearts. Margold brings a splash of gold to the garden that is just impressive.

They are available in various shades of cream, crimson, gold & orange that can light up any garden overnight. Their intricate leaf patterns can catch your eye from a distance & keep your attention the whole time. It must find a definite place in your flower garden. So let’s make your garden beautiful by planting it.

5. Pansy


One beautiful thing about this flower is once you seed them & they would come back every season without having to re-seed. 

They are a famous spring & fall flower because they are not easy bloomers, but they provide a rainbow of cheery colours during the year’s cooler months. 

Pansies are the best choice for gardeners who have just started gardening because they are not particularly fussy.

Roses are the first flower that comes to mind when you think of blooms, but the pansy may have the rose beat. 

6. Petunia


Petunias are some of our favourite garden accents because they come in a glorious rainbow of colours. They are a delight in any garden. 

Their super-saturated hues make for great border plantings & they look stunning when planted in a big group. No matter which shade you are planting, it packs a punch. 

7. Moss rose

Moss rose

If anyone wants to cover hot & sunny ground or you are tired of watering your hanging baskets every day, look no further than moss rose!

Low-growing cutest flowers that last all year long, moss roses have been an integral part of the Indian house gardens.

8. Peony


Peonies are precious as they look. In floriography, the language of flowers and peonies represent all the good stuff: good fortune, happy marriage, riches, honor & compassion & especially bashfulness.

Peonies carry a special message:’always act with honor & respect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes & share your love with as many others as possible.

Cheer to that! May we all have peony wisdom in our lives.

9. Fuchsia


Fuschia is cheerful, playful & uplifting. Since the colour gets its name from the purplish-red flower, it also represents a sense of liveliness, self-assurance & confidence. Think about how this bright flower stands out boldly among more earthy colours in the garden.

Beautiful fuchsia flowers allow you to have a flower garden in modern homes. They would bloom brilliantly in baskets & small flower pots.

10. Lantana


Beautiful Lantana comes in a host of gorgeous colours, including gold, yellow, pink, cream, white & a host-of beautiful bi-colors. Butterflies, moths & even hummingbirds flock to Lantana to enjoy its nectar-rich blooms. These vibrantly colored flowers grow as wild bushes.

11. Aster


Aster has an array of colours, such as bright purple, tangerine orange, fuchsia pink & sunny yellow & is not only used in bouquets & arrangements but in gardens since it blooms through fall. We love how fluffy it is with all the layers of petals in all shapes & sizes.

Asters are easy to plant in the ground or pots, giving people the last gasp of summertime leading into the fall.

12. Coneflower


Beautiful Coneflower! are not just pretty-they also attract butterflies & birds to your garden. These flowers are available in a variety of colours. In addition to lavender, you can find them in white, orange, yellow, red & green colours.

So, if your beautiful garden has a few bare places to fill, plant some coneflowers in your favourite colour. Then enjoy the birds & butterflies that these flowers are sure to attract. These perennials would be the right choice for a flower garden.

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