10 Best Stationery That College Students Should Use

10 Best Stationery Items for College Students

As students, most of us started forming a fascination (even till today) for stationery when our parents bought those fruity-smelling erasers which smells yum. Also, do you remember double-decker pencil boxes which looked fancy and had various compartments?

Taking pride in bringing these things to the class will always be fun. The craze for quirky stationery will never go out of trend; even while we grew up and entered college, the affair with stationery continued.

Staying organized while studying in college is essential to maintain and use. Kickstarting the college semester with suitable stationery supplies can make all the difference in your college experience. Search for stationery printing near me to get customized products.

Stationery organizers will make it more elegant to look at, from bullet journals to keeping track of budgeting and random reminders; staying organized in college is easier with the right supplies. 

So as you start your college, or probably already have, here’s a list of the coolest to buy:

Laptop sleeve

Not having a laptop case for the longest time is the greatest regret. Ensuring that the laptop is protected while travelling in public transport or private from dirt or damage is much needed. It is impossible to keep checking your bag for whether it is in the safe phase or got damaged. It is not possible! 

Carrying it on a laptop sleeve will be quite relaxing. On the other side, it is also safer to know that the laptop is being treated with care. Laptop sleeves can be carried in any shoulder bag, tote bag, or backpack; it can rest knowing that the laptop will survive.


If you like to think considerably, getting a notepad for your desk to jot down all your thoughts right when you think of them. 

Sometimes our thoughts tend to distract us, remembering something we need to do for the future. Having a notepad in your bag or desk is a great addition. It will be adequate to drop or organize your thoughts to pen down in one place, which will help you avoid getting distracted easily.

Sticky notes

The most convenient yet cute stationery that we all must carry. In general, Sticky notes will be called a planner’s best friend. Many variants of sticky notes are available in the market; they may be in a single color, multi-color, shapes, sizes or even quirky. They can also be quite aesthetically pleasing.

They are so convenient, making it easy to jot things down to attend to later. It can be used in many forms and purposes, including grocery lists, to-do lists, reminders, to note in your planner later. 


The Day/Night Planner will genuinely save the time of your life. A big shout out to the person who instilled the idea of a planner in someone’s heart. Having a planner in your hand or bag will never throw you away. Pouring all your plans for the day or week can be added to the planner to ensure everything is clear. 

Personally, everyone will sway by using the product because it has a separate space kept aside for a to-do list and an area where you can block your day. So you can write down all your vent and implement it into your days so it will get done.

For example, there is an upcoming test, and you can schedule it on your planner according to your type and color code each subject according to your liking. It projects you a clear vision and makes you study willingly. Each category on each day page says about your specifications, and you can write plans. It can remind to that when you are grinding on a workload. It also has a “don’t forget” category and many others. Investing in an excellent won’t do wrong things; it is worth the investment.

File Folder

College assignments will always pile up as a mountain will have a lot of papers and stuff. A file folder is a prominent way to maintain it all together. If you are a person who’d like to organize pieces of things in one place, then grab yourself quirky or formal file folders. 

Whatever your education major, it is common to have your file folder and never get rid of it. But you can use these for just about everything and ensure all your papers are kept in one place.


Hands down, highlighters are the game changer while taking or organizing your notes. They are available in bold colors and shades, from thicker to the slightest. Color coding the notes or points will be beneficial while studying.

They can help you organize your notes better and make them more aesthetically pleasing. When studying, make a color key to help identify information more efficiently while reviewing notes.

For example, all the article subtopics can be highlighted in yellow, quotes can be highlighted in pink, infographics highlighted in violet, and dates highlighted in green.


Here comes the favourite and essential stationery; pens are available in various formats and colors.

✒️ Available in Ink, Ballpoint and Gel format

🟪 Available in various colors like green, blue, yellow, pink and more

🖋️ Each type of pen has its variant of style, rough or smooth in texture

Some colleges will not allow students to use anything besides a blue or black range of pens. So piling up stocks of pens will be a good decision. 

Bullet journals

As a college student, keeping track of your notes, assignments, and daily activities is challenging. A bullet journal can help you keep track from A to Z you’ve got going on. It may be tricky to track all activities, but a bullet journal will be your best friend throughout college. 

The most complex parts were keeping track of reading assignments or not procrastinating on papers. Living alone’s primary responsibilities include budgeting and meal planning throughout the week can be easily tracked down.

Desk organizers

It is usual for a college student to have too much stuff in a bag or on a desk. So we might carry all things at a time in a bag and rush it up on our table once after when it is not needed. 

Desk organizers help segregate and settle all our stuff in a more accessible way to point out. Organize your space with these desk organizers. Dumping all papers in the backpack will be embarrassing because they will build up on the desk. However, after having a proper desk organizer, things will tend to change once having a paper tray and start organizing the notes, tests, and random papers.


Last but not least, studying in a college and not having a proper notebook won’t be fair. It is mandatory to have a notebook according to your class/subject or to scribble down your thoughts or your wishes- either is necessary. And all the above, having an inspirational quote on the front would be impressive.

Always be prepared and ready to have a multi-purpose notebook in your backpack (believe it makes all the difference). 

Closure Thoughts

Stationery freaks will understand the love and concept of collecting items like these. This top 10 stationery list is for one of the people who gorge on the stationeries section at book fairs. From creating the perfect college schedule, getting your financial needs in order, decorating your journal, and buying the right supplies, stationeries plays its role strongly.

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